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CAULAA Awards 2012


CAULAA Awards 2012


Writing Awards:

Best Essayist of the year 2012: Abang Eunice

Best Article Writer of the year 2012: Prince Chimaroke Chukwuka

Best Poet of the year 2012: Uche Chidozie

Best Poem of the year 2012: Ali Alex Arinze

Best Short Story Writer of the year 2012: Lilian Ohanedozi

Best Short Story of the year 2012: Lilian Ohanedozi

Best Playwright of the year 2012: Prince Chimaroke Chukwuka

Drama Awards

Best Actor of the year 2012: NNaji Macdom

2nd Best Actor of the year 2012: Onome Moses K.

3rd Best Actor of the year 2012: John Timothy Tinat

Best Actress of the year 2012: Evelyn Okponung

2nd Best Actress of the year 2012: Samson Emmanuela

3rd Best Actress of the year 2012: Annabel Ejamre

Anchoring Awards

Best Male Anchor of the year 2012: Rogers Williams a.k.a. (Rogizie)

Best Female Anchor of the year 2012: Wokeh Millicent a.k.a. (Milly)

Music Awards

Best Music Artist of the year 2012 (Male Category): Okoro Chidiebere Peter

Best Music Artist of the year 2012 (Female Category): Sochi Igboabuchi

Best Freestyle Artist of the year 2012: Stephen Ebiloma

Best Rap Artist of the year 2012: Ogbuji kelechi a.k.a. Kelz

Honourary Awards

Best Member of the year 2012 (Male Category): Stephen Emmanuel

Best Member of the year 2012 (Female Category): Chidinma Ezeagwu

Best Unit Leader of the year 2012 (Male Category): Okoro Chidiebere Peter

Best Unit Leader of the year 2012 (Female Category): Samson Emmanuela

Best Executive Leader of the year 2012 (Male Category): Prince Chimaroke Chukwuka

Best Executive Leader of the year 2012 (Female Category): Lilian Ohanedozi

Best Editor of the year 2012 (Male Category): Ugwu Leonard

Best Editor of the year 2012 (Female Category): Ugwu Ogochukwu


CAULAA Award Ceremony 2012

The CAULAA award ceremony which held on the 1st of December, 2012 at the engineering faculty hall of Caritas University was one of a kind, a definition of an opulent event of class and excellent. A typical red carpet event, a razzmatazz that brought together individuals of perspicacity and sagacity, leaders from different circles of jurisdiction, student celebrities and others too many to mention. The event which officially started by 12noon with an opening prayer by the host anchors Hyacinth Ememotong and Joyce Aniakor, followed by the Nigerian Anthem and the CAULAA Anthem. Next was the first music presentation by Ogbuji Kelechi a.k.a. (Kelz) and Ude Ifeanyi a.k.a. (pancho) who thrilled their audience by their enormous swagger on stage. The president of CAULAA Prince Chimaroke Chukwuka was the next on stage as he delivered a welcome address to all present at the occasion highlighting the dream of the Association which is to polish and refine the skills of her members and then show them to the world so they will illuminate the world with their dexterous abilities in the fields of Literature and Art. The Award presentations followed immediately with other activities such as the reading of the goodwill message of the Honourable commissioner for youth and sport Enugu state Mr. Chijioke Agu which was read by his representative C’ Emeka Chukwu Esq. The Head of department computer science and Information Technology Caritas University Dr. Arinze Nwaeze also gave words of encouragement to members of the association. The Patron of the association Mr. Maxwell Ugwuanyi was also on the list of those who spoke at the occasion as he encouraged us to keep doing more in Literature and Art. Stephen Emmanuel read a poem at the occasion. Also on the list music performances was Eze Edith Chinonye a.k.a. (Britney ved) featuring Isiwu Chukwudi a.k.a. (Lil cino) with the song “How we roll”, Okoro Chidiebere Peter a.k.a. (Chinadollars C) featuring Ekpo Elvis Innocent a.k.a. (Elharyzon) with the song “Un-break me”, Helen M. Eban a.k.a. (serenity) with a solo “let’s start over”, the Guys with Voices a.k.a. (G.w.v.), Uche Cordial Ogbechie a.k.a. (Brown) featuring Promise Anyanebechi a.k.a. (Promzy) and lastly Okpara Frank Ifeanyi a.k.a. (Frank) featuring Daniel Uwaechue a.k.a. (dphenom). The CAULAA drama unit took centre stage at the middle of the occasion as they thrilled their audience with their dramatic performance as they acted the drama titled “Bound by Oath” a tragic-comedy play written by Prince Chimaroke Chukwuka. The cast for the drama include the following; John Timothy Tinat as Chike, Effiom Grace as Chidinma, Hyacinth Ememotong as Mazi Obidike, Evelyn Okponung as Ogechi, Chidinma Ezeagwu as Lolo, Wokeh Millicent as Amaka, Kelvin Linus as Mazi Okonkwo, Eze Kingsley as Prince Obinna, Osamah Augustine as Igwe, Emeka Udemezue as Mazi Okoro,Uga Mildred as Uju, Odey Lawrence Onyiegowo as Guard 1, Victor as Guard 2,Ogbu Bone as Oriaku, Ifeanyi Ojuruha as Chief Priest Valerian Okechukwu as Ada and Ali Alex  Arinze as Ibe. For dance performances during the occasion we had Stormers dance crew and the Exclusive dance crew with a powerful presentation that kept the audience standing up as they raised their heads trying to get a clearer view of the dancers on stage. There was a pretty huge list of anchors who came on stage for the award presentation such Roger Williams a.k.a. (Rogizie), Ikweogwu R. Nkechi a.k.a. (Nkay), Wokeh Millient a.k.a. (Milly), Evelyn Okponung a.k.a.(Iva), Samson Emmanuela a.k.a. (purple), Nnaji Macdom a.k.a. (Macky) and John Timothy Tinat a.k.a. (T. J Classics). Towards the tail end of the occasion strokie the one time Caritas University best comedian of the year came up on stage with lots of jokes leaving the audience delirious. As the occasion was coming to a close there an exclusive red carpet interview for all the dignitaries present at the occasion as well as lots of photographs. The CAULAA award ceremony 2012 is an occasion to recall, if you missed it, then 2013 CAULAA promises an even bigger Award Ceremony as she honours her members and other individuals who will stand out in 2013. Remember to be in the right place, at the right time, with the right people, doing the right thing! Till the next Award ceremony…Bye for now!

Building Sustainable Peace in the Society


Building Sustainable Peace in the Society

            The concept of peace is not just the absence of war, fear, anxiety and conflict for a period of time but it is rather the harmonious co-existence between members of the society with the view of building or establishing an egalitarian society where the ginormous lacuna that exist between the rich who are the cream of the society and the poor who have been taken as rags in the society will be bridged up or vitiated in order to create an environment embellished with opportunities for diverse development which can foster the idea of sustainable peace in the society.

 In the light of building sustainable peace in the society one must consider the factors which militate against the establishment of peace in the society. Factors such as intolerance, lack of proper educational orientation as concerning the disastrous and deleterious effects of conflict, inadequacies in the provision of platforms for dialogue amongst the conflicting parties, just to mention but a few.

 A deep consideration and proper analysis must be taken in order to understand pellucidly the numerous causes and effects of conflict so as to be able to proffer logical and tactical solutions or approaches in the handling of conflicts at different levels. Here are some factors that triggers conflict and they include; differences in values, religion, perception, goals, interest, culture, background amongst other factors. The effects of conflict ranges from individual to community, state and even an entire country and they include; loss of lives, properties, livestock, social infrastructures, retardation in the economy and all round development of the affected country.

 The importance of building sustainable peace in the society cannot be over emphasized as its reward is ginormously and overwhelmingly beneficial to the growth and development of any society. It is at this juncture that I employ one and all to become peace ambassadors so we all can strive for the establishment of sustainable peace in our individual societies and therefore contribute to vitiating the occurrence of conflict and promote the existence of peace in a perpetual motion.



Written by

Prince Chimaroke Chukwuka. 



Why is why actually a question or an answer.

Why cry when there is no one to pity you,

Why say you are in love when all there is nothing else than lust.

If you say you are stupid that means you are so smart

Love, wishes, thoughts are dreams that will never get you anywhere

Why is there a fallen angel when he is meant to be up there?

There are so many questions but what is the point of asking,

When you smile, laugh, feel you might feel there is nothing

To worry about.

Why do boys love sex and girls money?

What is the point of living when you will have a death of happiness.

Why do we do things to please people when they will never do anything to please you.

Do you have any reason to be who you are?

Why do we argue and quarrel when to that we can lobe our dignity.

Why is there so much foolishness when we are meant to have much happiness.

When are we going to stop saying why?

Why, is just a three letter word that stands for?

Why does the world have deaf ears and why is there so much detest.

I won’t say this don’t say why but say how?

Poem Written By

Tamara Bapphire



When I cast my mind down,

I fight to gain focus, which would never loss till dawn

My pen becomes jealous of whit it produces,

Love is to escort my mind whenever it goes and make sure it never refuses.

But a common swing of a door, would be like a contender,

Oh! I fell like eliminating the offender,

Because a great construction has been ruined,

If I had a gun I would pierce it in his head and blow his brain off, for against me he has sinned.

Putting your brain down is not child’s play,

When people see me in that state I turn to prey

Then they tend to distract most,

Don’t worry when I see such again only heaven can forgive me in his coast.

Please allow our champions to show us the light,

Unworthy men stay off and ladies play cool because it’s night,

Let’s see and bring forth light to the world.

If you feel I am wrong don’t do it by word.

Written By

Ugwu Leonard

Political Science.

Tragedy! Tragedy!! Tragedy!!!

Tragedy!  Tragedy!! Tragedy!!!

In a semi-urban community…, Kelvin’s leg has gone critical that it arouse fear on the image of the hospitals he visited, they admitted him as well as discharged him few weeks later, telling him that his leg is mysterious and highly above medical attention. Kelvin’s family being a poor one, had no money to take him abroad, in this case they had to “accommodate” him in a little hut at the backyard where his father formally used as a barn.

It has been three years since the helpless Kelvin has been sitting inside the hut without a glance at the sun, each time, his flesh is been eaten up by this unraveled injury and deadly insects. Sometimes he screams and shouts in pain, his father as well as the immediate younger sister would curiously rush out to know what has happened. Recently the story changed; Kelvin’s father became tired of him, the condition has gone worse, Kelvin’s legs is now exacerbated that even his laps has been damaged . His legs have invited deadly and unwanted insects such as: house flies, maggots, bees, cockroaches, Etc. Kelvin is as good as tissue paper because he has no blood again in him, taking a glance at his leg, the sight of his bone surrounded by maggots and larvae would regurgitate a being turning humans to ruminant animals. No “normal human being” would ever love to stay in his presence for just a second because it is better to live with a corpse which has lasted for decades than staying with him for a minute. Two hundred inches away from the room, it stinks, let alone attempting a move forward. Moving inside, the first battle is the worst-case; spiders and its web. The existence of Kelvin is a mystery. Even though all these existed, his little sister never gave up, she loved her brother to death.

Nwadike, Kelvin’s father haven developed hatred for Kelvin has formed it as a habit to mock his son abusively…

“You cursed son, why don’t you die than suffer us, and putting me to shame!!! Oh! If your mother was still alive, you are as good as a useless commodity, had it been it was the time of slavery; I would have joyfully giving you to them!! I don’t know why you came to this earth, tufiakwa! God forbid you are not my son and can never be my son! I wonder how you came to exist! Useless creature! See, if I swiftly grab the opportunity you would have uselessly rested in peace, why are you a disgrace to this family, had I known we wouldn’t have accommodated you.  I don’t think that you are a normal human being. Look, if you still live for three months then I must have to bury you alive, worthless creature!” Mirabel his sister even though has been instructed by Nwadike to stop “visiting the room”, she kept going there to either secretly give him food or snacks.

Mirabel an ss3 student in Mary’s college Adere was ironing her school uniform when she heard a cry from the hut, it’s her lovely brother. She quickly left the iron on top of her cloth and ran into the room to help her brother out, or to console him. As usual a voice came from the sitting room

“Who is that screaming fool, will you shut up your mouth!!! Every time you shout and scream yet you still breathe”

Mirabel was in the room kneeling and praying to God… as her brother shouts in pain. At that point, part of the house was ablaze, her father seeing the fire tried quenching it with water but it seemed like he was adding fuel on the fire. Nwadike called on her daughter Mirabel,

Mirabel! Mirabel!! Come o! We are dead oh!!! Our house is burning”

The fire was running and heading towards the hurt through the dried clothes hanged on a dried palm frond across the hurt and the main building, it ran as if the hut was its center of attraction. Nwadike immediately ran to the hut and said,

”Mirabel please! I beg you this fire is a friend of no one, its speed is something uncalled for, please leave this carcass and follow me let’s find a solution to our life and our home come lets….,”

Mirabel interrupted and exclaimed

“I am going nowhere without my brother”,

Carrying the man on her back

“Eh!!! Are you mad!! Common! Follow me and live this dead corpse!!!!!”


Mirabel stood reluctant, crying and weeping. While this was going on, the fire has reached the hut, damaging the roof. Nwadike was left with no other option than to shut the door since he has been looking for an opportunity to eliminate that “disgrace”. Nwadike came out uninjured and healthy. While inside the hut they were holding their hands and praying to God for his intervention. The fire running like a mad dog saw flesh and blood to feed on while Kelvin just had to sacrifice a crash of his bone.



Oh! Thou wicked captain of greatest doom

Sent from the lonely palace of the dead

That builds in our hearts mountains of dread

And appears uninvited in our room

With chains to bind our souls and end our bloom

Its continuous chanting heightens our fears

Leaving us buckets to be filled with tears

Stinging our hearts, impeding hearty boom

It leaves no chance to clean up with strong broom

Our hearts stained with egregious conception

Masked with a smile of gracious deception

Like a skilled predator it’s presence loom

Oh! Faithfull angel from deepest darkness

When shall thou put down they blood thirsty sword?

Written By Prince Chimaroke .C.

Department Of Information Technology

Dedicated to Late Mr. Ejike Caritas University Electrician who died on the 16th of July 2011. May his soul rest in peace; Amen.